Our campaigns are about getting people involved and aware through not only design but also the correct media.
Elmbridge Borough Council - Elmbridge 4
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Elmbridge 4 Logo: The Elmbridge 4 campaign was created to promote 4 major initiatives by Elmbridge Council. A new shopping centre with associated mixed housing, Mercedes Benz World, a brand new Excel leisure centre and Brooklands Community Park. These were major editions to the areas facilities and required a vibrant and distinct logo and associated branding.
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Elmbridge 4 Lampost Banners: For each of the developments we designed and produced some striking banners that were placed at strategic thoroughfares throughout the Borough. The 4 logo had been designed to be seen and be instantly recognisable from a long distance away.
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Elmbridge 4 Advertising: Local press and media advertising were undertaken to promote the 4 developments and Domino was engaged to produce a series of striking, attention grabbing advertisements for the different media employed.
Merton Council - Climate Change
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Merton Council Climate Change: One of the hardest audiences to engage and inform about important issues is the youth age group. This campaign was aimed at increasing awareness amongst 12-16 year olds about climate change, its affects and ways in which young people could do something to help prevent it.
Elmbridge Borough Council - Shout and Shout Louder
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Elmbridge Shout and Shout Louder Logo's: Holiday activities for 2 different children’s age groups were promoted under the Shout! and Shout Louder! Banners. Domino was commissioned to design an attractive and instantly recognisable logo for these activities sponsored by a major blue chip company. The logos had to usable on a wide variety of marketing materials, clothing and promotional items.
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Elmbridge Shout publications: The publications aimed at age groups 5-12 and 13-16 had to be designed differently. Both designs had to be vivid and eye catching but also informative and easily readable. Both created challenges for the design team, as there was limited space to incorporate all the information and times of the activities on offer in an attractive easily readable format. This was important as revenues had to be generated to set against the costs of staging events.
Island Adventures
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Island Adventures Adverts: To promote this bespoke holiday company’s unique tours to a more affluent UK market. A marketing campaign was developed to emphasise the variety and diversity of the paradise island of Sri Lanka.