About Us

is a specialist design and communication consultancy, professional and honest, approachable and small enough to care about one-off urgent projects. We believe great design focused on teamwork is an asset that should grasp hearts and inspire to ensure an organisation is noticed by its target audience. We aim to provide cost-effective solutions to all creative requirements whilst ensuring brand and corporate values are upheld. We aim to ensure the end product is the best we can achieve so we love it and the client does too.

Our approach keeps us ambitious yet focused. In doing so we aim to inspire and excite. The process we go through is thorough enabling us to achieve the required outcome.

The Brief
– a designer cannot act without one

We need to know things such as:
your existing brand values
your objectives
your target audience
what you want to say
what makes you different
examples of work admired, or disliked
existing corporate guidelines
environmental policies which may affect the project, we prefer to use recycled papers or environmentally friendly inks. You may be the same!

Design Concepts
– design must have a message

Inspired design rarely comes in a flash. It comes from experience, together with research and discussion. It’s not a rapid process, so we assess a realistic amount of time required. Depending on the size of the task we will produce several concepts. Through use of colour, imagery, and typography, each idea will take a different path, but all within the brief provided.

Presentation of Ideas
– stay and work with a good idea

Visuals of our ideas and explanations of how we arrived at them will be presented. We encourage you to assess how these ideas could be received by the target audience. Initial reactions are important. We encourage concepts to be ‘lived with’ and shown to colleagues to gauge opinion.

Design Approval
– you must love it!

Once you’ve had time to review and agree a chosen design any modifications can be discussed and reworked until approved.

We have excellent relationships with some award-winning printers who have similar values and the same dedication to service.


Objective criticism helps to see if we can improve the service we offer. None of us like unpleasant surprises, especially where money is concerned, so the final invoice will mirror the quote and any agreed additional expenses there may have been. Any such agreed costs are always documented.

Domino’s commitment
We pride ourselves on our professionalism and honesty. This means you will always be able to contact a member of our team who knows about the project. If we think something isn’t right or cannot be done we will suggest alternatives. We encourage clients to visit our studio to see work in progress and certainly to sign off a project.

Client commitment
Tell us about your budget, deadlines and anything else to help us deliver the best service. Our efficiency depends on accurate scheduling: any delays in receipt of information, or obtaining approval can result in disruptions to the production schedule and ultimately the delivery date. If you cannot meet agreed deadlines, please let us know as soon as possible and we will incorporate this into our schedule.

Main team
Andrew Guilor - account director
Jason Mayes - senior designer
Sharon Smith - designer
Linda Seward - production account manager
Andrew Peters - advertisement sales
Euan Johns - editing and copywriting